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Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a common inflammatory bowel disease. It is estimated to effect half a million people in North America. Symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, or vomiting. Arthritis and rashes may also occur. Crohn’s disease is an auto-immune disease in which the person’s own immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract. Microbial antigens are suspected to play a role in this reaction. While Crohn’s may affect anywhere from mouth to anus the terminal ileum is the region most commonly involved. Corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories or immune-suppressant therapy is often utilized. Crohn’s is commonly treated with stem cells in Europe. Research is evaluating the effects of stem cells on auto-immune conditions. It is reported in the Journal of Translational Research that “non-expanded SVF cells have been used successfully in accelerating healing of Crohn’s fistulas” (read more).

Crohn’s Disease and OC Regenerative Medicine

As part of the CELL SURGICAL NETWORK we offer a specific SVF deployment protocol that attempts to mitigate the effects of Crohn’s. SVF (rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors) has immuno-regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties which may be beneficial. SVF is deployed systemically as an outpatient at the time of SVF harvesting and procurement. The entire cellular surgical procedure takes approximately three hours.

At OC Regenerative Medicine we truly care about our Crohn’s disease patients. We take the time to provide our patients with what they need to achieve their goals. By filling out Confidential Candidate Application, we will answer the questions and concerns you may have about our protocols for Crohn’s disease.

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